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School Garden

Once upon a time a produce garden was planted at an elementary school. Then another one. And another one. Produce grew in these gardens and in time, it was harvested, feeding the school’s students and broadening their horizons into healthy eating options.

As word spread of their success the idea gained in popularity. Having an on-site food garden could have a great impact on the entire school. Maybe the entire community. The benefits were numerous:

  • It’s educational. Children can learn and understand where food comes from and how it grows. In addition they’ll learn about weather and the seasons; the environment and sustainability. It is a tremendous teaching tool.
  • There is increased potential for healthier kids. Not only does a garden provide nutritionally rich food, it also gets students outside and active.
  • Children also have the opportunity to learn about giving to others through food pantry and community outreach programs. Recognizing there is a need in their very own community often expands their awareness, cultivating empathy.

Perhaps one of the biggest impacts school gardens are having is the opportunity to educate students and others about nutrition, obesity and hunger.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention cite one in three children in the U.S. is overweight. At the same time, the USDA reports that one in four American children live in homes that may not have enough to eat every day.

With school garden programs in place, children in need often get to take food from the gardens home. This is a powerful way for children to understand the contribution the food is making and how fruitful their efforts are as well.

Many organizations are getting involved, including FoodCorps, whose mission is to connect kids to healthy foods in school. Through a partnership with AmeriCorps, they recruit, train and place emerging leaders into limited-resource schools to educate students on eating healthy and to provide lunch trays with nutritious meals.

Kids learn a multitude of life lessons while having fun and eating healthy.

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