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Bringing Play to Tucson 4

Building Healthier Communities

Only one in four kids in the U.S. are getting the recommended daily amount of physical activity. Children are not getting enough physical activity at home, in schools and in their communities.

For the 14 million kids living in poverty in the United States , play is too hard to come by as their families face many obstacles to play, including a lack of safe places, under-resourced schools that cut recess and physical education, and too much screen time.

In 2018, UnitedHealthcare’s investment in the nonprofit KaBOOM! will bring six new playspaces to life, which will serve more than 2,900 kids annually. We’ve already completed two playground builds. In South Houston, Texas, we partnered with the Pasadena Independent School District to build a new playground at South Houston Elementary in March. In May, we partnered with the City of Tucson to replace the 25-year-old playground in Udall Park, which some of our employee volunteers remembered playing on as children. These playground builds engaged a combined total of 209 volunteers who logged nearly 1,800 volunteer hours!

Partnering For Greater Impact

Since 2010, UnitedHealthcare’s “Do Good. Live Well.” volunteer initiative and KaBOOM! have helped ensure kids everywhere are playing more. KaBOOM! is dedicated to ensuring all kids get a childhood filled with the balanced and active play needed to thrive; meanwhile, part of the “Do Good. Live Well.” mission is to decrease obesity by getting people active.

Over the last eight years, UnitedHealthcare and KaBOOM! and constructed 27 beautiful playspaces and distributed four Imagination Playgrounds, mobile play systems made up of big, blue foam blocks which come in many unique shapes and sizes. This work has impacted 31 communities, engaging more than 3,000 community volunteers and serving more than 50,000 kids in 16 states and 27 cities, and sending a powerful message to kids that they matter.

UnitedHealthcare volunteers have shoveled a whopping 2,268,000 pounds of mulch, volunteering more than 32,568 hours ensuring kids could safely enjoy their playgrounds. We have been joined by NFL football teams, MLS soccer players, cheerleaders and even a rapper, all of whom believe it’s important to level the playing field by providing access to safe places to play for kids living in underserved communities.

We are proud to partner with KaBOOM! as a champion for play, promoting our view that play is critical to a healthy childhood and a vibrant community.

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