Food insecurity below U.S. average


Food insecurity near U.S. average


Food insecurity above U.S. average

Hunger knows no boundaries. Click on a state to see hunger and health statistics and corresponding volunteer projects.

e.g., environment or mentoring

e.g., 90210 or New York, NY

Help us promote the GOOD NEWS during #DoGoodWeek!

Help us promote the GOOD NEWS!

Over a 30 day period in September and October, Twitter analytics showed 34 million negative tweets were posted, containing words like shooting, murder, war, crime, weapons and violence…a 19 percent increase over the previous month. With so much bad news in the world, “Do Good. Live Well.” is aiming to change the conversation, if just for one week, to something more positive.

Join us starting this Sunday, Nov. 13 and pledge to use your social media channels to celebrate everything that’s good in the world for ONE WEEK. From Nov. 13 to 19, we’re encouraging the public to share and post on social media the good deeds they do, witness, or hear about, using the hashtag #DoGoodWeek.

This is an opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate kindness and positivity across the country. Instead of posting about your lunch or criticizing your favorite sports team for a botched play, commit to sharing good things on social media and use the hashtag #DoGoodWeek…some examples are below to get you started!

Messages you can post:

  • Let’s all spread the good this week. I’m going to help out at my local food bank. What will you do?#DoGoodWeek
  •  Let’s cut the negative talk and start spreading the good! Join me for #DoGoodWeek & let’s change the conversation!
  •  I just bought coffee for the stranger behind me! Join me in doing a little good this week. #DoGoodWeek
  •  I’m helping @DoGoodLiveWell change the conversation by sharing some good news during #DoGoodWeek. Join me!
  •  I’m sharing only GOOD NEWS during #DoGoodWeek. Check out this great story. Who’s with me?!
  • #DoGoodWeek is about spreading all the good news that’s out there! Who’s joining me in changing the conversation?!

For more information about Do Good Week, go to or follow @DoGoodLiveWell on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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