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Soccer and Nutrition Clinics with Sound of Gol Foundation

“Doing Good” with Soccer Legends

When we heard about La Golda and their mission to build a healthier world for kids, we KNEW we should become friends and do good things together.

La Golda is a socially conscious, bilingual animated series that tells the story of a spunky eight-year old Latina who has been shuffled from one orphanage to another in her native Colombia. Through her love of soccer, LaGolda recruits a team of international orphans who travel the world and make a difference. Each episode focuses on a challenge facing children in today’s world and ends with documentary style footage of real people volunteering and speaking out to make the world a better place.

Inspired by La Golda, the Sound of Gol (SOG) Foundation was created to support youth development by using soccer as a vehicle to empower social and personal growth. The Foundation expands on its mission of promoting good health and leadership by encouraging youth in the U.S. to explore and advance their interests through sport and service.

At the end of January, the SOG Foundation and “Do Good. Live Well.” invited the La Golda production team, ambassadors and UnitedHealthcare employees to make a difference and volunteer to help build a healthier Los Angeles.

We were joined by actors Judy Reyes and Eric Winter when we teamed up with the LA Regional Food Bank to distribute thousands of pounds of fresh produce and protein to more than 300 families in East LA who need a little extra help. Eric’s mom and Judy’s young daughter also participated, and put many smiles on the faces of our neighbors who came through the line.

The next day, Judy and Roselyn Sanchez, both currently starring in the hit show Devious Maids, along with Soccer Legends Cobi Jones and Jay DeMerit, hosted a morning of fitness and nutrition activities for the Compton Unified School District on behalf of the Sound of Gol Foundation. More than 100 students participated in a soccer clinic, learned about healthy eating habits from a nutritionist and had a private viewing of the La Golda animation pilot episode, all courtesy of the Sound of Gol Foundation and UnitedHealthcare.

The events in Los Angeles truly brought the La Golda, Sound of Gol Foundation and “Do Good. Live Well.” partnership to life by highlighting the importance of physical fitness, nutrition and “doing good” in the world.

Shannon Loecher is director of social responsibility at UnitedHealthcare.

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About the Sound of Gol Foundation

The Sound of Gol Foundation is a nonprofit organization that supports youth development using soccer as a vehicle to empower social and personal growth. Because youth soccer has increasingly become a pay-to-play model, and school-based sports programs continually suffer budget cuts, the efforts of the Sound of Gol Foundation allow youth to explore and advance their interests and experiences with sport and service to others. The Foundation was inspired through the animated series, La Golda, engaging kids to take action and do good around the world through soccer. Learn more about the Sound of Gol Foundation at

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