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Hunger and obesity know no boundaries. Click on a state to see hunger and health statistics and corresponding volunteer projects.

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Doing Good is Good for You.

2013 Health and Volunteering Study


Do Good. Live Well.

Four words we believe can change the world. One person at a time. All it takes is one individual reaching out to another and suddenly communities are improved and multiple lives are impacted.

Since 2009, “Do Good. Live Well.” has been UnitedHealthcare’s volunteer initiative with a mission to decrease hunger and obesity. Through partnerships, financial support and the helping hands of our employee volunteers, we’re able to help build healthier communities.

With so much need in our world, choosing one or two causes can be a daunting task. Tied to our corporate mission of helping people live healthier lives, we have identified three areas where we focus our attention and resources. We believe that we all have a stake in building a healthier future, and it begins with getting involved:

It seems impossible that anyone could go hungry for even one meal, in a country so rich with resources. Yet there are whole communities where hunger is an epidemic. That’s why we work to help ensure people have access to fresh, nutritious food. If you’re interested in helping, there are many programs that need volunteers, from working in a soup kitchen to staffing a mobile pantry.
Obesity has become one of the leading contributors to poor health. As a way to combat the rising incidence of illness due to poor nutritional health, programs aimed at putting a stop to the root causes of obesity and teach about nutrition and fitness are springing up all over the country.

If this issue is important to you, find out how you can help.
To honor those who have served our country, we are involved in many activities that benefit members of the military, veterans, and their families. We are honored to express how grateful we are to those who served our country, particularly when they find themselves in times of need.

Find an organization near you to lend a hand.


Building Healthier Communities

By engaging our 80,000 employees across the country and developing partnerships with local and national organizations, we are able to support the priorities of local communities. We believe that touching lives in a personal way and making resources available for improved health decisions has a cumulative effect. It is through grassroots community partnerships and the collective impact achieved by similar efforts, that the issues of hunger and obesity in broader society will be resolved.


Tuesday, Nov. 10, 2015

“Smashville Ices Hunger” Food Drive

Bridgestone Arena
UnitedHealthcare’s “Do Good. Live Well.” volunteer initiative has once again teamed up with the Nashville Predators and Second Harvest Heartland of Middle Tennessee to help fight hunger. As the sponsor of the "Smashville Ices Hunger” food drive, our volunteers helped collect nonperishable food and monetary donations outside the Bridgestone Arena throughout the day.

Tuesday, Nov. 10, 2015

Veteran-Specific Programming at the San Diego Parks and Rec Department

Park De La Cruz Community Center
UnitedHealthcare’s “Do Good. Live Well.” employee volunteer initiative has teamed up with CBS EcoMedia to support the San Diego Parks and Recreation Department. With our support, San Diego Parks and Recreation will begin its first veteran-specific programming. Along with support for the new veterans program, UnitedHealthcare funds will provide several important renovations at the Park De La Cruz Community Center including painting, flooring, general repairs, and the installation of new adaptive weightlifting equipment for disabled veterans. Park De La Cruz Community Center will specialize in programs for people with disabilities, senior citizens and veterans.  A recreation room and weight room featuring adaptive and senior friendly equipment will be available, along with a gymnasium, ball field and playground on-site.  Specific programming will include music therapy, salsa dancing, pet therapy and resource fairs.  

Friday, Oct. 23, 2015

Celebrating the Triple Play Program

Boys & Girls Clubs of King County
Through an innovative partnership with the Boys & Girls Clubs of King County and CBS EcoMedia, UnitedHealthcare’s “Do Good. Live Well.” program is supporting the Clubs’ Triple Play program. Triple Play is part of the Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s first comprehensive health and wellness program, developed in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The programming addresses some of the root causes of obesity– food insecurity, limited access to green space and limited recreational space. To celebrate this new, unique partnership we volunteered at the Boys & Girls Clubs of King County on Friday, Oct. 23.   


Putting Compassion in Action

When communities come together the most amazing things happen; neighbors begin helping one another, smiles come more easily and the health of the community improves.
Learn how you can DO GOOD in your community:


Some of the greatest need is just around the corner. Find ways to help improve the lives of your neighbors and community members. Through our VolunteerMatch tool, we’ll connect you with organizations and causes you care about in your area.


The most profound volunteering opportunities often involve the assistance of professionals. Locate the need in your area that fits your specified skill.


Healthy Benefits

We all know that doing good things for others makes us feel good, but did you know volunteering benefits your overall health? UnitedHealth Group and the Optum Institute released the Doing Good is Good for You: 2013 Health and Volunteering Study. The study reveals that U.S. adults who volunteer report that volunteering has made them feel physically healthier and lowers their levels of stress, leading to feeling better than adults who do not volunteer.

There seem to be only good reasons to help others.

When we volunteer, endorphins flood our brain, creating an undeniable feeling of happiness. Simultaneously, our immune system receives a nice boost, we reduce the impact of stress in our bodies and blood pressure can drop.1

Socially, meeting and interacting with new people in new surroundings begins to build networks and communities of like-minded people, creating a sense of belonging.

Emotionally and spiritually, the experience of helping others can connect us to a higher purpose, giving us a sense of value and improving our self-worth.

And the earlier you start volunteering, the better. Research2 shows that individuals who begin volunteering when they’re young, have greater health outcomes later in life, including living longer.

You can start right now and LIVE WELL.




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